Actions for the fight against cholera in Haiti

Fight against cholera actions in Haiti

In Haiti

Total Inhabitants: 10170000
Area type: Urban & Rural
Funds invested: XXXX
Partners: Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti, National Directorate of Potable Water and Sanitation of Haiti, PAHO, UNICEF, Centers for Disease Control, Veolia Foundation,
Since mid-October 2010, Haiti has been facing critical epidemics of cholera, affecting nearly 600,000 victims in Haiti, including 7500 deaths.

Responding to an urgent request from UNICEF in early November 2010, the Veolia Environnement Foundation sent an epidemiologist to Haiti to participate in the organisation of a decentralised information management program focused on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services. The short term mission supported the coordination of W.A.S.H. cluster activities in the Country in an effort to organize an efficient response to the epidemic by international and Haitian Government agencies as well as by non government agencies.

In this alarming context of successive cholera epidemics in Haiti since 2010, the Haitian government launched a “Call for international action to bring the expertise and the necessary funding to a wide ten-year program of sustainable fight against cholera”. This call was supported by several United Nations agencies.
In response to this call, the Veolia Environnement Foundation joined the "Coalition for regional water and sanitation to eradicate cholera in the island of Hispaniola" (Download the Declaration: Page 1 & Page 2) alongside many international organisations, to advise and support the Haitian government in its efforts to fight against the disease and planning of water and sanitation work.