Dr. Dennis Warner
Catholic Relief Services
United States of America
Senior Technical Advisor
Dr. Dennis B. Warner, PhD, formerly head of the World Health Organisation Community Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, is an independent consultant on water, sanitation and environmental health issues, including cholera and related waterborne diseases.
Raised in the Chicago area, Dr. Warner studied history and engineering at the University of Illinois and Stanford University, and received a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the latter.
He has lived in Tanzania, Uganda, Switzerland and France and has held positions with the Peace Corps, University of Dar es Salaam, Duke University, World Health Organization, several engineering consulting firms, World Bank and USAID.

Since 2004:
As a member of the CRS Program Quality Support Department, Dr Warner has headed up the development of regional water and sanitation strategies; the strengthening of technical staff resources at the headquarters, regional and country levels; the participation of CRS in coalitions and partnerships with other development organizations; the involvement of CRS in water-related international emergencies and disasters; and the promotion of a water program area within CRS.
Dr. Warner is currently a board member of Pax Christi Metro DC, Falls Church Historical Commission and the Holy Land Christians Society.

2000: Dr. Warner is a Member of Pax Christi, the international Catholic peace movement and in 2000 served as representative of Pax Christi International to the United Nations in Geneva.