5 december 2018

A forum for infrastructure, a lever in the fight against cholera

"An essential issue to guide public action against cholera..."
"Unpublished results that shake conventional wisdom about cholera..."
"A search that continues, under difficult conditions..."

Vue aérienne de la ville d'Uvira

Vue aérienne de la ville d'Uvira depuis un hélicoptère Puma de la Monusco. Photo © Monusco [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

In fighting cholera, the international community usually favours responsive actions which have limited and short-term effectiveness. Such actions are often mobilised in responses to sudden epidemics, such as those in Yemen and Zimbabwe. However, there is a profound lack of evidence for how longer-term interventions, which are usually harder to achieve, can be delivered effectively.

New research addressing this gap is currently under way in the city of Uvira, South Kivu, DRC, to provide evidence for improving the supply of safe drinking water as a public health priority.

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